How Long Can I Take Claritin-D?

Summary: There are no guidelines on how long you can take Claritin-D. It really depends on the patient and how bad your allergies are. Generally, it’s not something that should be taken for more than a month – but many patients use it for a couple of weeks with no issues.

Dear Curtis: I’ve been taking Claritin D for about 10 days and it’s working pretty well. But, is that too long to be taking a drug like that?

The answer is: No. It’s not too long.

And, when you say “a drug like that”, I’m assuming you mean that Claritin-D is behind the counter now. So, you have to go to your pharmacy, give the pharmacy your driver’s license, write down how much you are guying and all that other stuff.

So, it sort of makes people feel like they are doing something wrong or, taking a dangerous drug. When the truth is those regulations are in place to help slow down the manufacturer of methamphetamine – which can be made from drugs like Claritin-D.

But Claritin-D itself isn’t dangerous.

How Long Is Very Patient Dependent

There probably isn’t a good answer to how long you can take Claritin-D (either 12 or 24 hour formulation). That’s because Claritin-D is indicated for seasonal allergies. And, as you probably know all too well, allergies vary from person to person and area to area.

While I certainly wouldn’t recommend staying on it long term, taking it for 10 days is nothing to be concerned about.

The biggest concern with a drug like Claritin-D is from the decongestant – pseudoephedrine – that is contained in it. In certain populations (i.e., diabetics and those with high blood pressure) pseudoephedrine can be problematic. Also, I’d be careful about taking it too close to bedtime as it can stop you from getting to sleep.

But it is a really good drug for ‘drying up’ the sinuses and runny noses that come along with allergy season.

The best advice I can give you about how long is safe is to listen to your body. Allergies generally come and go. You generally shouldn’t have to take something like Claritin-D longer than a month. If you do it’s something I’d run by your doctor just to make sure it’s OK and not causing any issues. But, in my experience, it’s common for people to take Claritin-D for a couple of weeks in most cases.

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