Is There A Birth Control That Helps You Lose Weight?

Summary: Birth control pills are notorious for causing weight gain in one person and weight loss in another. In short, it’s extremely hard to predict how you’ll respond to a birth control pill because they are hormone-based and every woman seems to respond a bit differently.

Dear Curtis: I had a friend who took Yaz and said she lost weight on it. Is this true? Are there really any birth control pills that can help you lose weight?

Birth control pills are kind of funny in regards to weight gain.

For example, your friend said Yaz helped her lose weight. In fact, in clinical trials one of Yaz’s most common side effects was weight gain in roughly 2% of users.

Go figure.

Weight Gain and Loss

The point is that you really can’t predict what a birth control pill will do to you, regarding your weight, until you start taking it. In fact, if you look at birth control pills as a whole there is no rhyme or reason and manufacturers are quick to point out that both weight loss and weight gain can be seen.

This has everything to do with the fact that these products are hormones and if there is one class of drugs where it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how a patient will react: it’s hormones.

With that being said I really can’t recommend one birth control in particular that helps you lose weight because if you found one that did, another person would likely gain weight on the same product.

When it comes to birth control you really have to talk to your doctor and try one to see how you respond.

The side effects you can get from birth control pills have always been one of the big downsides and the reason why more and more women look into more natural birth control options.


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